MURAN’s Past Articles ‘Up to 2020’ 

Hello, this is † MasAshI† from the MURAN PR Team. 

I was thinking of writing an article that would help everyone generate new ideas, but it’s quite challenging to write an article from scratch. 

Aha! If I can’t come up with an idea, why not borrow the wisdom of our predecessors from the past articles! 

So, I’m going to select some past idea seeds that has particularly caught my attention, and write down my thoughts about them. To get started, I’ve picked up articles through 2020. 

Article 1: 

Possibility to spread by separating | DENSO MURAN 2024 

The Nintendo Switch certainly stands out from other game consoles in that the main unit and the controllers are separate. In my opinion, I feel this applies to wireless earphones, mice, and keyboards as well. There seems to be a high affinity between “digital technology” and “the idea of separation”. 

This is especially worth checking out for those who plan to come up with digital-related ideas. 

Article 2: 

Osborn’s checklist | DENSO MURAN 2024 

This checklist is a framework of “transposition”, “application”, “modification”, “expansion”, “reduction”, “substitution”, “rearrangement”, “reversal”, and “combination”. 

If I were to pick one from this list, it would be “transposition”. For example, mobile phones, retort food, cleaning robots, cardigans and trench coats are all born from military technology. 

It seems that the efforts to solve problems in the military field turned out to make our life more convenient. 

You might come up with surprising inventions by incorporating your insights from your regular work into your daily life. 

Article 3: 

[Japanese Article]Asking Designers About Idea Generation Methods: Part 1 | DENSO MURAN 2024 ( 

[Japanese Article]Asking Designers About Idea Generation Methods: Part 2 | DENSO MURAN 2024 (  

Here are articles from professional designers which are incredibly helpful. 

Osborne’s checklist, here comes again. It seems to be a basic idea in this field. I thought the article was full of content and worth reading 100 times when coming up with ideas. Various frameworks and mindsets are explained, which is helpful. 

What I felt from reading the article is that while they value input, they value output even more. (For example, drawing lots of sketches) 

Thinking is important, but once you have enough information, it might be important to try and output a lot, even if you make mistakes. 

Article 4: 

[Japanese Article]Interview with Young Exhibitors: Part 1 | DENSO MURAN 2024 ( 

[Japanese Article]Interview with Young Exhibitors: Part 2 | DENSO MURAN Egg 2024 ( 

Finding Instagrammable photos with deep learning sounds like a great idea that would still be fresh in 2024. 

While reading this story, I thought that participating in an idea contest has three benefits, where ① you can polish your creativity leading to personal growth, ② you can compete with aspiring peers, and ③ of course, you have a chance to win a prize! 

Invite others and apply together! It would be a great experience! 

Through reading the past articles, I learned a lot myself. There are many other interesting articles, so I would highly encourage you to check them out. Your chances of winning might increase too.  

See you all next time! 


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