Returningto the root 

This is Itaki from MURAN PR Team. 
We are halfway through February, and there are less than 10 days until the submission deadline for MURAN Idea Contest. 

Thank you to those who have already submitted your idea.  


If you have not, you might be wondering: what exactly is a “good” idea? Which idea should I chose? Is my idea good enough for submission? 

If that is the case, I would suggest you return to the root and reconsider your ideas. 

Desired ideas』  

Now, let’s return to the root of what ideas are in the first place.  

If you search for the definition of “idea” in Kojien, you will find the following explanation:  

 (note: Kojien is a Japanese dictionary that combines the role of an encyclopedia) 

① (A whim. Conception. Proposal.) “Good – came to mind” “- products” 

②〔Philosophy〕Results of thoughts.  

⇒【idea man】  

In the above case, ① fits the meaning of this idea.  

“Thoughts” “Whim” “Conception” “Proposal”—These words are essentially related to “accomplishing something”. 
So, what do you think you want to “accomplish” through participating in MURAN?  


The overall tagline for MURAN 2024 is “More fun, more time! Let the Winds of Dreams Blow!”, and the tagline of the idea contest is Let the winds of dreams blow with your ideas”. 

In other words, ideas that “let the winds of dreams blow” are the ideas for accomplishing something.  


The three essential pillars』  

So how can we “let the winds of dreams blow”? 

To do so, we need to understand the three pillars that support the purpose of MURAN. 


1. Help everyone realize their dreams 
Provide an opportunity for children to think about their dreams. 
Provide an environment where employees can take on challenges to realize their dreams. 
 2. Create a place where everyone feels happy 
Through interaction with participants, we want to provide an experience that makes us “happy” and “fulfilled”. 

3. Share how Denso is growing and changing 
We want to incorporate Denso’s features into the event and send “new” and “interesting” thoughts to the other side of the world. 


Which pillar does your idea apply to? 

Even if your idea doesn’t fit into the “new” or “interesting” category, nor the “happiness” or “fulfillment” category, once you get back to the essence of the idea, your “Will-aligned dream” will be there. 


Don’t wait for someone to make it happen. 

You are going to be the one who blows the wind of your dreams! 


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