15 common ideas with MURAN 

Hello. This is Daniel from the PR Group of DENSO MURAN.  

We have less than 3 week left until the deadline for the Idea Contest, which has a maximum prize of 1 million yen. As a committee member, I would like to collect as many ideas as possible to make the contest more exciting! I’ve been thinking about it, 

We will be posting articles to help you come up with ideas. 

Since we are asking you to come up with ideas, we would like to increase the rate at which your ideas will pass the judging process. 

So this time, we would like to introduce 15 “common ideas ” that have been submitted, commercialized, or patented many times in the history of the MURAN contest. 

Please note that these stories must be innovative in their means of solving problems in order to pass the screening process. 

<15 ” common ideas> 

No Idea Content 
Car with a rain shelter The roof comes out from the car body when getting in and out of the car. 
Bicycle with rain shelter Bicycle with a roof like a pizza delivery bike 
Automatic laundry pick-up system Uses a sensor to detect rain and picks up the laundry, and the roof comes out. 
Shoe power generation Generates electricity by walking 
Blind signal detection Signals that are difficult to see while driving behind a truck make visible 
Eliminate blind spots on pillars Display with transparent pillars, cameras, etc. 
Air wiper Air to blow raindrops away 
Steering wheel heater/ cooler Cools/warms steering wheel 
Glass defrosting Hot water melts ice 
10 Curve mirror anti-fogging Prevents fogging by heating with heat 
11 Temperature-sensitive tableware Tableware changes color according to temperature changes 
12 Cup warmer/ Cooler Cooler Heats/cools plastic bottles 
13 Underwater camera Catch fish while watching camera images 
14 Can manage contents Refrigerator Check the ingredients, expiration date, etc. with the app 
15 Automatic garbage detection Detect combustible/noncombustible, etc. 

How were these? 

As an auto parts company, there are many ideas for cars. 

However, there are many non-car related ideas that have won awards in the past. 

We hope you will take a break from your work and give shape to the creative dream that lies dormant inside of you and submit your ideas to us. 

See you soon. 


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