Direct interview about the company cafeteria #3 (Daily schedule of a worker in the company cafeteria)[final article]

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The weather has cooled down considerably and the autumn (with all its delicious foods) has arrived!

This is the final of our diner interviews.(Previously: <Before Eating> <After Eating>)

Today, as an extra, we got to learn about the daily schedules of a worker in the company cafeteria!

This is Anzu Yasui, Registered Dietitian.

Q: What is your daily schedule?

8:00 Dessert preparation

9:00 Prepare for the hall

9:30 Check register

    10:00 Morning meeting

    10:15 Price card confirmation, sample collection

    11:00 Pre-business register check

    11:15 Sample and showcase preparation

    11:30 Open cafeteria

    13:30 Clean up

    14:00 Break

    15:00 Create menus, weekly menu list, and price cards

    17:00 Create new menu

    18:00 Return home

Q: What is “dessert preparation” like? What are some of the differences between home cooking and large quantities

when cook dessert and dishes?

A: In an attempt to deliver not only physical health but also mental nourishment, we offer handmade desserts.

Desserts are served at lunch, dinner, and night shift meals.

The difference from cooking at home is that because we cook in large quantities, each step must be done properly,

or the final product will be poor.

For example, when making jellies, in the quantities made at home, gelatin is added to the fruit juice, and if it remains

dissolved, it can be heated later to dissolve it completely. In the case of a company cafeteria, about 50 servings are

made at once, so the amount of fruit juice is large, and it is difficult to dissolve the remaining gelatin by heating afterwards.

If this is done, the jelly may not harden even if it is cooled in the refrigerator at the end.

Q: When planning menus, is there anything you are trying to do or keep in mind?

A: Since this is what our customers see, the menu items we want them to pay attention to and the dishes we want them

to try are listed in the information column at the top of the menu list to make them stand out. For events, we include

illustrations and change the colors to give a sense of the season.

Q: What was the experience that made you feel the most growth while working as a Registered Dietitian?

A: I am currently in charge of creating menus and recipes for the “Do! Healthy Set” I have to devise menus that are both

hearty and meet nutritional standards, and it is a difficult task to achieve a good balance. Recently, the sales of “Do! Healthy Set”

have been stable and well received. We have been able to realize that we are now able to create menus that meet the needs of our customers.

What is Do! Healthy Set ?・・・・Delicious and healthy set menus within the criteria of less than 630 kcal of energy,

less than 2.7 g of salt, more than 123 g of vegetables, and less than 25% of fat

⇒My Impressions

I am a working mom who is always thinking about how to make cooking easier and reading all the “shortcut techniques” on the Internet.

Through this interview, I realized that it is important to go back to the basics and cook carefully.

As for the menu, the company requires a healthy menu to maintain the health of employees, but I think the hungry employees want to

eat a full meal with plenty of energy! I also felt that it must be quite a difficult task to balance the nutritional aspects, number of processes,

types of ingredients, cost of ingredients, and many other factors.

We sincerely thank you for not only satisfying the appetites of our employees on a daily basis, but also for helping us maintain our health.

We also thank you for your willingness to be interviewed.

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