Can anyone spare a minute to have an idea!? We are now in an era where anyone can become an inventor with the help of AI! 


Hello, we’re approaching the end of February and it’s starting to get a lot warmer.  

This is Yamamoto from the MURAN PR Team. 

With only one week remaining until the idea submission deadline (Feb.29), it’s time for everyone’s hidden ideas to emerge. 

This time, for those of you who are about to lay eggs, I will share some “ideas” on how to generate ideas that are up to date. 

Let ChatGPT think about your ideas 

I’m sure many of you are familiar with ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence capable of generating natural sentences in response to user questions. 

This time, I will talk to GPT3.5, a model that anyone can use for free by registering. 

ChatGPT ( 

Question text (prompt) 

You are a creative person who comes up with things that no one else would think of. 

 If you were to apply for a contest like the one below, what kind of idea would you submit? 

    If something like this existed, I’d have an idea I’d like to create, like an app or a game!    

We want your own ideas. 

Requirements are Novelty, Dreams, Creativity, Impact, and Feasibility. 

Answer from ChatGPT 

Of course! Here is an example of a great idea I came up with. 


This is an innovative fitness app that uses virtual reality (VR) technology. Users can put on a VR headset and enjoy a virtual fitness experience from the comfort of their home or gym. The app offers various types of workout programs and workout games that users can choose according to their goals and interests. It also features real-time workout guidance and the ability to compete with virtual training buddies. RealFit helps users stay motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle while having fun. 


–   Novelty: A revolutionary approach to integrating VR technology into the fitness experience. 

–       Dream: Giving people a new way to enjoy fitness from the comfort of their home. 

  –      Creativity: Allow users to customize their workout experience through various workout programs and games. 

  • Impact: Help users improve their health and fitness by making exercise more enjoyable and consistent. 
  • Feasibility: This is an idea that can be implemented using current VR technology. 

Visualize Ideas 

To make your ideas even more engaging, it’s more effective to present them visually rather than solely through words. 

This time, I asked them to create an image using BingChat (Copilot). Recently, many image generating AIs have been released, such as midjourney and StableDiffusion, so if you are interested, please check them out. 

This time, I inserted the explanation of the idea “RealFit” generated by ChatGPT and asked BingChat to create an image of it. 

The result is shown below. 

Well, putting aside the details, it feels somewhat high-tech, and I guess this is an attempt to visualize that in VR you can train anywhere you like, such as on the coast. 


What are your thoughts? 

This time I posted about ideas to become a modern idea person. If you find yourself stuck, remember that today’s technology offers AI that can provide free advice and support.  

I hope that MURAN will prosper even more like the development of AI, and I hope to see you again next time. It was Yamamoto! 


Since I had time, I talked to the AI teacher two more questions. 

Question text (prompt) 

Please think of two more things. 

Chat GPT 

Of course! Here are two more ideas. 

“Dream Door” 

This app is designed to help users realize their dreams. Users first enter their dreams and goals. The app will then suggest a step-by-step plan to make that dream a reality. Users track their progress and receive regular reminders and advice from the app. It also has a community function where users can share their dreams and goals and encourage each other. This app gives users the opportunity to make their dreams come true by taking action towards them and providing support to achieve them. 

Features of this app: 

  • Novelty: There is no such comprehensive app to help you achieve your dreams. 
  • Dreams: A very inspiring theme of making people’s dreams and goals come true. 
  • Creativity: Allows users to set their own dreams and make individual plans to achieve them. 
  • Impact: Make a positive impact on users’ lives by helping them achieve their dreams. 
  • Feasibility: It is possible to implement incremental progress tracking and community features to the extent technically feasible. 

This app will not only help users achieve their dreams, but will also allow them to share the joy of achieving their dreams with more people by forming a community of encouragement and support. 

What do you think? 

As it is, it seems abstract, so I think the content needs to be elaborated further, but there is something quite appealing about the word dream. It would be a good idea to ask questions to ChatGPT and find out, but I think it would be a good idea to think about it yourself from here on. 

”Memory Mosaic”

This app is a platform that allows users to save memories of their life, travels, special events, etc. as beautiful mosaic art. Users can upload photos and videos and convert them into customizable mosaic art. Users can also create shared and collaborative mosaic art with friends and family. Memory Mosaic allows users to store and share their memories in a more visual and moving way. 


  • Novelty: The approach to preserving memories as mosaic art is different from traditional methods. 
  • Dream: To help people beautifully record and share the special moments of their lives. 
  • Creativity: Users can customize their creations and even collaborate with others. 
  • Impact: Bring and meaning to users’ lives by preserving memories in a beautiful way. 
  • Feasibility: This is an idea that can be implemented using current image processing technology. 

The interesting thing about AI is that it can be as ruthless as you want at any time, and I feel it has a lot of compassion. 

If you have not tried it yet, why not talk to AI?