DENSO MURAN 2024 Idea Contest Update

■Idea Contest Update 

Greetings from MURAN 2024 team! 

Thank you so much for those who applied to MURAN Idea Contest. There were total of 4,726 applications, of which 20 ideas has been chosen after the screening process. 

We will individually reach out to the applicants of these 20 ideas. We would like to express our gratitude once again for everyone who applied their ideas full of dreams. 

Due to the overwhelming number of applications, we apologize that we will only send the result to the applicants who passed the screening process. For those who unfortunately did not make it to the next round, we would still encourage you to visit MURAN 2024 in Japan where you will see ideas being brought into shape. Looking forward to seeing you there! 

■MURAN 2024 Event Details 

Scheduled Dates      Nov 30, 2024 ~Dec 1, 2024 

Organizer            DENSO Technical Association  

MURAN 2024 Executive Committee 

Event Location         DENSO Headquarters Event Hall 


Contact      E-mail: 

TEL: 0566-56-0255  Inter Phone 551-45839 

■Past Contests 

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