Hello. This is TSUBO from the MURAN PR Team.   

We have a week left until the deadline for the Idea Contest. 

Today, I’d like to introduce a topic that can help you during the final spurt of coming up with ideas. 

This is a topic about sleep, and guess what, MURAN in Japanese means “Dream” Egg! 

As you many know, “good” sleep is important for “good” ideas. 

In order to get a good sleep, here are some things you should not do before going to bed: 


Smartphone (blue light tricks the brain into thinking it’s daytime) 

Overeating (stomach acid reflux may occur) 

Intense exercise (body wakes up, body temperature rises) 

Caffeine and alcohol intake (wake-up, induction of shallow sleep) 

Next, these are some recommended activities before going to bed: 

Light stretching 

Relax in a bath at 37-39℃ 

Other relaxing things 

(Listen to relaxing music/decaffeinated herbal tea/aromatherapy etc…) 

The concept is to make the parasympathetic nervous system dominant.” 

Lastly, I’d like to introduce my personal recommendation that I am currently trying it out. 

I’ve been suffering from headaches quite a bit, and I still get them several times a week. 

It also leads into stiff shoulders and pain behind the eyes. 

I was worried that I may have a brain disease, so I went to the hospital and had a CT scan, but there was nothing wrong with my brain. 

After taking X-rays as well, the doctor said, “your straight neck might be the cause.”  

This is a constitution in which the neck bones which are supposed to be curved become straight. 

I began stretching my neck regularly, but it didn’t really help. . . 

So, I put a focus on sleeping, which takes up most of the day, and purchased a memory foam sleeping pillow. 

I’ve been using cushions as pillows, so I suspected that this may be the cause. 

I’ve only just started using it, so I don’t know how effective it is going to be, but I can say for sure that it’s extremely comfortable to sleep on. 

If you have the same problem, why not consider getting a luxury pillow? 

That’s it for TSUBO. See you next time.