“Children’s Future Imagination and Creation Contest” – Unveiling of Completed Production

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It’s already been a month since our last interview on the production process… How did they finish those works that sound hard to create? (previous article’s link ⇒ <A&B team> <C&D team> <E&F team>) Let’s do a little preliminary study before touching the actual products at the venue.

【Team A】Fluffy(Fuwafuwa) Vehicle

◆Outline of the work
A driving simulator recreates a rainbow world where you can drive a “fluffy car” that does not break even if you hit it, in a city or on a road floating in the sky. If you collect items that fall on the road, something may happen.

◆The idea for the work
The idea was inspired by the creator’s desire to “reduce the number of people who are saddened by traffic accidents” and to express a world that is friendly to people and to the environment and full of smiles. The coloring and the fluffy material of the car body are also key points.

【Team B】Rainbow Bubble Car

◆Outline of the work
When you move the steering wheel in the direction you want to move, a signal is sent and you can remotely control the vehicle in the shape of a bubble. When you do something good for the environment, LED lights up and the body of the vehicle is beautifully colored in rainbow colors.

We have realized the idea of the creator as much as possible and created a work that can be actually touched by children who visited the venue of MURAN 2022. Please operate by your hands and enjoy the vehicle, which moves smoothly and without delay by operating the steering wheel.

【Team C】Eco and People-Friendly Vehicle

◆Outline of the work
This is an eco-friendly and safety-conscious car of the future that uses solar power to turn a blower and flies in the sky using the wind power. The vehicle can float in the air in a Garden diorama by moving a wire-fixed vehicle by operating a motor with a remote control.

The concept of a flying car was realized without using a drone, but with a wire drive system adopted for the first time in the company. Please come and experience this work, which is not only in your imagination but will become a reality in the near future.

【Team D】Foldable EV

◆Outline of work
This is a car that can be folded and transported. The car body and tires can be folded for compact storage. The seat made by 3DP is also remarkable.

◆Thoughts on the work
This work cannot be cheated by software or electrical expression because of the concept, so we focused on “building the shape” which is the starting point of manufacturing. Please enjoy observing the difference in size when running and when stored, and how it folds up.

【Team E】A Society Where People Generate Electricity

◆Outline of the work
The power is generated by the force of bouncing on the trampoline, which is covered with a power-generating floor, and the energy is used to move the train. The amount of electricity generated can be checked by the leaf symbol on the monitor, and the 3D printed tree shines brightly.

The message expresses the “eco-friendly world where vehicles are powered by the energy of people’s activities,” as envisioned by the creator of this project. Please come and see the fusion of the virtual eco-society expressed on the monitor and the real world where the models move by the energy generated.

【Team F】Swing Vehicle

◆Outline of the work
The swing is operated by a game controller and moves freely with wheels that can be moved in all directions. Equipped with a gear box, the swing senses even the slightest tremor, amplifies it, generates and stores electricity, and uses the power to propel itself.

◆Thoughts on the work
People in charge of the drive, electrical, and programming sections worked together to faithfully reproduce the idea, while thinking hard to create this work. Another highlight is that the battery and components were installed in the ceiling to achieve a compact size.

These are the six teams’ creations.

After interviewing them, I got the impression that the Denso employees had the most difficulty in taking the children’s wonderful ideas and giving them shape without destroying their cool image.
I would be very happy if the children as well as the adults who came into contact with these works could have a chance to think about the future of automobiles together.

The six creations by teams A through F can be seen, touched, and experienced at the venue on the day of the event.
We hope you will visit the venue and cheer on their works. We look forward to seeing you there.

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