“Children’s Future Imagination and Creation Contest” – Production Process Interview #2: Team C & Team D

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In this issue, following the introduction of children’s illustrations <→Link> and interviews with the production sites of Team A and B <→Link>, I introduce the production sites of Team C and D.

【Team C】 Eco and People-Friendly Vehicle

Illustration by Maho Ishikawa (Higashikariya-Elementary School)

I interviewed Mr. Nagaya of Advanced Monozukuri Creation Div., the Team C production leader.

Q: Could you tell us about the members of your production team.
A: Since we have been involved for many years in manufacturing developed products from scratch, without drawings, we are able to develop products based on our extensive knowledge.
Also, perhaps because we are a group of young members, we are able to say, “Let’s try first! Let’s act boldly!” and have a spirit of challenge.

Members: Mr. Nishimura, Mr. Hattori, Mr. Nagaya (from left to right)

Q: Are there any points that you are particular about in production or that you would like to express?
A: The ideas we received included specific details such as “flying with the power of a fan” and “avoiding collisions with the repulsive force of magnets,” and we found it interesting to think about how to incorporate them into the actual product while making the most of the ideas. This time, for safety reasons, we cannot fly in the sky as per our idea, but all the members racked our brains together and attempted to recreate flying in the sky by using wires to suspend the cockpit. This is our first attempt at this, and we are not sure if it will work as expected when we give it shape, but we will do our best.

operation controller, flying car model, drive motor (From left to right)

Q: What is this chunk of metal?
A: We included an idea from the viewpoint of materials: “We want to make cars lighter by using Styrofoam.” Therefore, we hope to exhibit materials and sensors used in actual automobiles in a way that visitors can touch them, creating the feeling that this is not a dream but a reality a few steps ahead of time.

stainless steel, aluminum, carbon-filled resin(From left to right)

Q: Finally, do you have a message for all the children who came up with ideas?
A: This time, we also had the opportunity to see the drawings of the children whose ideas were not selected. Many of the ideas were original and spectacular. I felt that I would like them to cherish these ideas, warm them up, and eventually draw a future in which they can realize them with their own hands.
The show will be held in one month, so we hope you will come to the venue to see it.

【Team D】 Foldable EV

Illustration by Yume Myodo (Odakahara-Elementary School)

I interviewed Mr. Suzuki of Advanced Monozukuri Creation Div., the production leader of Team D.

Q: How did you get involved in the MURAN project?
A: I like children, and I wanted to help make their dreams come true, even if only a little.

Members: Mr. Amano, Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Okumura (from left to right)

Q: Are there any points you are particular about in the production process, or you would like to express?
A: Since it is a foldable car, we are particular about the gimmick when it is folded. In addition to that, we are also trying to make sure that the car maintains its beautiful shape while it is running.
Currently, we are making models out of resin and metal and checking to make sure that the car will be compact when folded. What’s more, we plan to fold the tires as well, so stay tuned!

(Left) Seat and folded tire under prototype (Right) Shape when running and folded (drawing data)

Q: Finally, do you have a message for the originators of this idea?
A: The person who came up with this idea is looking forward to the completion of this project, so I would like to produce something that will bring them as much joy as possible. Please look forward to the production!
In the future, unmanned vehicles will drive on the road automatically, and driver’s licenses may no longer be required. However, cars are not just a means of transportation; they are also an exciting part of our daily lives. Please use your flexible imagination to create a wonderful automobile society of the future.

We could see that the production was progressing rapidly. All of the teams were very well incorporating children’s ideas into their creations.
Today, we covered Team C and D of the Children’s Future Imagination and Creation Contest, one of the main events of MURAN 2022!
Next time, we will cover Team E and F. Stay tuned!

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