“Children’s Future Imagination and Creation Contest” – Production Process Interview #3: Team E & Team F

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We are now less than a month away from the MURAN 2022.

In this issue, following the introduction of children’s illustrations <→Link> and interviews with the production sites of Team A & B and Team C & D <→Link><→Link>, I introduce the production sites of Team E and F.

【Team E】 A Society Where People Generate Electricity

Illustration by Sana Sumiya (Kijo Elementary School)

I interviewed Mr. Yamamoto of the Advanced Monozukuri Creation Div., who is the leader of the Team E.

Q: What motivated you to participate in the MURAN 2022 project this time?
A: I was encouraged by the people around me to make use of my knowledge and skills in manufacturing to materialize the children’s ideas! I was encouraged to do so by the people around me.

Q: Please introduce the production team.
A: We have members who have experience in facility design and people who can do anything in electricity and software to give shape to our image. The team members were inspired by Ms. Sumiya’s drawing, “It would be great if we could move various things by converting the energy of people’s activities into motive power!”. We are working hard in the hope that she will feel the joy of seeing her vision of the world and her wish become a reality!

Members: Mr. Yamamoto, Mr. Kitamura, Mr. Inuzuka (from left to right)

Q: Please tell us about the production.
A: To express the fact that the vehicle runs on the energy of human activity, we would like to use a power-generating floor to generate electricity from the energy generated by the children jumping on the trampoline, and add a visual effect of the amount of electricity generated.
The “wooden symbols” that she worked so hard to draw will actually be built in the basic modeling, and the vehicle will run while shining brightly when it receives energy signals.

(Left) Trampoline and train model (Right) Wooden model to be placed on the train (created by 3D printer)

Q: Finally, please give a message to the person who came up with this idea and to all the children who thought of idea.
A: To Sana Sumiya, who came up with the idea. Our team members discussed how we could express the idea and make it enjoyable. We are now working hard to finish the project so that the finished product will be a delight to see!
To everyone who came up with other ideas We will do my best to make this product so that everyone will realize that they can give shape to their thoughts and ideas through the process of making things!

【Team F】 Swing Vehicle

Illustrated by Honami Okada (Karigane Elementary School)

I interviewed Mr. Suzuki of the Advanced Monozukuri Creation Div., who is the leader of the Team F.

Q: How did you get involved in the MURAN project this time?
A: I have been involved in past MURAN projects at some point. This time, it is a new project to “give shape to children’s ideas,” so I was very much looking forward to seeing the children’s delight in participating in this project.

Q: Please introduce the production team.
A: As it happens, we are made up of members whose initials contain the letter “Y,” and we are all able to act immediately when we have an idea.

Members: Mr. Wakita, Mr. Suzuki (from left to right)

Q: What are your thoughts on your work?
A: When I first saw the picture of the idea, I had never heard of a vehicle that generates electricity on a swing, and I thought it would be worthwhile to create. With the motto, “Let’s give shape to the dream of Ms. Okada, the originator of this idea!

Q: Could you tell us the points you are particular about in your productions, and you want to express?
A: As for the points I would like to express, I would like to create the dream that Ms. Okada drew without changing the shape as much as possible. In particular, I would like to visualize the power generated by the swing, and add some creative ideas using electric decorations and the like so that people can see it with their own eyes.
In the production phase, we would like to charge the electricity generated by the swing and use the stored electricity to operate the car with a controller.
I work hard to make something that people think “Oh, great!” so please look forward to it.

Swing model and lights

Model cart

Q: Finally, please give a message to the originators of this idea and to all the children who came up with the idea.
A: I believe that the imagination of the young generation, who will be responsible for the future, is limitless. Even if your idea is not selected this time, I hope that you will continue to have the power of imagination to make the vehicle you envisioned a reality.

As we approach the main MURAN event, production is reaching its climax, and I hope that Denso’s technical capabilities will help us complete a wonderful work of art.
Today, I interviewed the team E and F for the Children’s Future Imagination and Creation Contest, one of the highlight events of MURAN2022! Next time, shortly before the main MURAN event on November 26th and 27th, I’m going to go cover the completed works and give you all a flying introduction! Stay tuned!

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