Creating the key visual for MURAN 2024 

A new era of AI evolution is upon us. 

Interactive AI, image-generating AI, and various other generative AIs are emerging one after another, revolutionizing the world of creativity—a realm once thought to be exclusive to human ingenuity. 

While AI has been deemed a potential threat to creatives, I disagree. I firmly believe that, when used appropriately, AI has the power to enhance and amplify the unlimited ideas generated by humans. 

This key visual was created using generative AI, combining human-generated ideas with AI capabilities. I am confident that generative AI will usher in a new era of Monozukuri, making things‘ breathing fresh life into the creative process. 

The winds of new era are blowing. 

Dear all MURAN creators who revel in Monozukuri with boundless creativity and limitless ideas, 

It’s your turn!   More fun, more time!  

Let’s get the winds of dreams blowing!