Behind the Scenes at MURAN2022 ~3rd : Software Event Gr.~

Hello, everyone! I’m YASU from MURAN 2022 Web Promotion Team.
Less than two months to go until the event.
The last of this feature, in which we interview the group leaders, is Software Event Gr..


I interviewed Mr. Isakari of the Energy Solution Development Div..


Q : Could you tell us about the groups and activities that you join.

Mr. Isakari :
I belong to Software Event Gr..
We are in charge of planning and managing of the Software Idea contest.
We have planned two courses of the contests this time.

– Challenger course
– Professional course

The Software Idea contest is one of the new main events.
Let‘s ask all about the event.


Q : This contest is the first time that we have done in MURAN.
Are you experiencing any difficulties?

Mr. Isakari :
We are having a hard time dealing with unexpected problems, but are currently working to resolve confusion where policies are unclear.
I would like to overcome this challenge with the collective knowledge and strength of our members.

It seems that there are some unforeseen problems.
In such a situation, they are working to create an environment where confusion is reduced and members can do their jobs easily.
Let’s ask about the appeal of the MURAN Executive Committee who are working positively.


Q : Please tell us about the appeal of the MURAN Executive Committee.

Mr. Isakari :
It is to be able to “connect” with people from various departments.
In addition, I think it is also attractive that we can actively discuss and find solution of problems beyond the group.
I am grateful to the members who are engaged in this activity on a daily basis.
Thank you for your continued support.


It is wonderful to see everyone working together to achieve goals across organizational boundaries.
I will next ask you some questions about the event.


Q : Please tell us about the highlights and fun of the event!

Mr. Isakari :
It is of course two courses of the Software Idea Contest.
Both works will be exhibited at the venue, so please come and see them.

<Challenger course>
Employees who are beginners in software development enjoy programming and seriously create game works.

<Professional course>
Employees who are professional in software development create works that provide “surprise and impress” by utilizing the assets of the Denso Group.


Both works are a must-see.
There will also be a visitor’s vote, so please participate!


Q : Finally, what is your enthusiasm for the event?

Mr. Isakari :
I would like to make it an event where the creators and MURAN Executive Committee Members can truly feel satisfied after the event.
Also, I would like to make it an event that everyone who comes on the day can truly enjoy.


This time I interviewed Mr. Isakari, Software Event Gr..
Did this feature convey the activities and thoughts of the MURAN Executive Committee members?
We hope you will read it again before the event and enjoy the event more deeply.

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