Be creative using Mind Map!

Hello, everyone! I’m YASU from MURAN 2022 Web Promotion Team.
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Have you experienced the situation that you want to streamline your work, but you can’t organize information?
In this issue, I would like to introduce a past case of myself where Mind Map was used to improve efficiency!
Try it as a way to organize information and create ideas.

What’s “Mind Map”?

It is one of the ways to draw thoughts.
It is a useful method for organizing, understanding, and memorizing information and for creating ideas, as it allows you to draw in a form close to what your brain is thinking.

The way to draw “Mind Map” easily

Please search the web for the correct way to draw.
1. Write theme in the center of the canvas.
2. Expand and connect related keywords radially from the theme.

[Case Study] Streamlining Product Evaluation

Measurements were taken with various instruments each time the EUT was evaluated, and the acquired data was tabulated and analyzed on a PC.

Automation from measurement to data aggregation and analysis is realized by simply connecting the evaluation device, various devices, and a PC with a communication cable and pressing the “Start” button on an Excel sheet.

1. Write “Product Evaluation” in the center of the canvas.

2. Draw the necessary environment for evaluation around Product Evaluation.
*EUT : Equipment Under Test
*PSU : Power Supply Unit

3. The keywords are further expanded and connected.
*Only necessary keywords are listed this time.

4. All environments can be found to be linked via communication.

5. Connect cables to all devices and press the Start Button on the PC to start automatic evaluation!

I believe that the human mind is a treasure chest of ideas, although it is very complex.
Even if one piece of information doesn’t help you, it may spark a surprising idea when many pieces of information are gathered and observed as a whole.
Mind map can be easily drawn with just one piece of paper and one pen.
Let’s go out and look for ideas in your mind!

Posted by YASU