Behind the Scenes at MURAN2022 ~1st : Admin Gr.~

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Do you know the activities of the MURAN Executive Committee members?
Starting with this article, We would like to feature “Behind the Scenes of MURAN2022” in three articles!
We will interview group leaders to share with you the activities and thoughts of the MURAN Executive Committee members, which you would not normally see.


I interviewed Mr. Iwasaki of the Engine Components Engineering Div..


Q : Could you tell us about the groups and activities that you join.

Mr. Iwasaki :
I belong to Admin Gr..
This time, we are revamping our main event and hope to surprise and impress you!
We are working to ensure that the entire event is operated in a safe and secure manner in accordance with the rules.

– Providing overall organizational direction
– Overall event management
– Support for activities of each Gr. including internal and external
– Management of online venue construction and measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19, and more…

There are likely to be new initiatives such as revamp of the main event and measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19.


Q : There seem to be many new initiatives this year, but are they progressing smoothly?

Mr. Iwasaki :
The revamp of the main event and the COVID-19 coincide, and we are having a hard time because there are so many areas that we are fumbling about.
However, as a result of continued positive discussions among people and members inside and outside the company, within the rules and constraints, the shape of the main event has taken shape!

The main event is beginning to take shape! It makes me look forward to the event!
I am curious about the appeal of such an executive committee.


Q : Please tell us about the appeal of the MURAN Executive Committee.

Mr. Iwasaki :
The attraction of this program is that it is both challenging and interesting to work together with colleagues who have different company backgrounds, specialties, and ideas toward a single goal!
For this reason, I value telling my opinion voluntarily.
By taking the initiative in providing opinions during the discussion, other opinions and ideas will follow.
I felt that the discussion was moving in the right direction due to the new insights we were bringing to each other.
I would like all the members to make MURAN the best it can be by sharing and helping each other in a positive manner.
I believe that the “connections” made in this process are one of the reasons why MURAN is so important.


It is really important to “trigger” discussions.
Now that you have given us your passionate message to the members, I will next ask you some questions about the event.


Q : Please tell us about the highlights and fun of the event!

Mr. Iwasaki :
It is definitely the Children’s Future Imagination and Creation Contest and Software Idea Contest of new main events.

<Children’s Future Imagination and Creation Contest>
Please come and see the sparkling eyes of the children as they are moved by the materialization of their own drawings at the venue.

<Software Idea Contest/ Professional Course>
It is full of amazing programs created by DENSO experts. Stay tuned!

<Online venue>
You can participate in event without worrying about distance issues or COVID-19.
You can also learn about our overseas offices and group companies, so please take a look.


Can’t wait to see what happens at each event!
There will also be an online venue, so those who cannot make it to the event will be able to participate in the event, which is great.


Q : Finally, what is your enthusiasm for the event?

Mr. Iwasaki :
I would like to make the new MURAN so attractive and secure that I can confidently bring my own children to it.


This time I interviewed Mr. Iwasaki, Admin Gr..
You could see that many people were engaged in friendly competition behind the scenes of the event to reach the goal.
I’m looking forward to the new MURAN more and more.
Stay tuned for the next installment!

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