Checking up the structure of Umbrella

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Today, I would like to introduce one of the most familiar inventions: umbrellas.


Nowadays, these umbrellas can be purchased for a few hundred yen, but some high-end ones cost tens of thousands of yen.

I have never seen a person who does not own an umbrella. Thus, umbrellas have become a very familiar and indispensable part of our lives!


What is structure of umbrella?

The structure of a typical umbrella is shown in the figure below.

Here is the structure of a jump umbrella, which automatically opens when a push button is pressed. It is composed of various parts.

The mechanism that works is as shown in 1-3.

1. Press the button while the umbrella is folded.

2. The hand spring which is linked to the button is pushed toward the shaft and the spring is released.

3. The stretch is expanded in a horizontal direction, and the position of each component is stabilized.


The central part of the body consists of a shaft, a handle, and a notch.

All other parts are movable. (Non-movable parts are shown in light blue.)

The central part is thick, but the movable parts are light and thin so that they can move flexibly.

It is similar to the structure of a tree trunk and branches.

Although the structure is simple, the strength of the cloth part and the strength of the spring must be designed to balance each other to make the product work.


What is the difference between high end and low end models?

I was curious to find out more, so I compared the plastic umbrellas I have at home, which cost a few hundred yen, with the luxury cloth umbrellas, which cost thousands of yen!

(It’s so worn out…)

The general structure and components are the same, but there are three major differences.

The processing in these areas is omitted to keep the price low.


(1) Parts related to structure

The canopy that make up a large proportion of the umbrella differ in that they are vinyl and water-repellent fabric.

In high-end umbrellas, there were two thread fixations on one rib to prevent the fabric from shifting with the rib.


(2) Appearance and end finish

A second band is attached to hold each ribs together and to secure the tips.

The bones, rods, and other metal parts that might rust were painted a black matte color.

The ferrule was decorated to give it a luxurious look.

(3) How it feels to use it

Although the physique of the high-end umbrella is more firm, it does not feel heavy when you hold it.

The sound when opening also has a luxuary feel.

It also moves smoothly when closing.


In this article, I checked up structure of umbrellas.

I found that although it has a surprisingly simple structure, it has many moving parts and uses lightweight components.

I also found differences in parts at different prices.


Next, from a different angle, we looked for what kind of umbrellas there are in the world.

The enemy of umbrellas? Yes, strong winds!


First, I am going to look for this. It simulates the structure of a roof tile, allowing wind to escape from the umbrella but not rain.


And then, there are umbrellas like these!

The fabric of the umbrella is not a regular octagon when viewed from the top, but shaped like a rain drop. When the wind blows, the pointed end goes downwind and lets the wind escape.


Both were listed on

If you are interested, please check them out!


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