Created Mascot Characters!

Hello, everyone!
I’m YASU from MURAN 2022 Web Promotion Team.
How are you doing in the still hot days?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make goods of your favorite characters?
This time, I would like to try making “Mu-chan” using iron beads!
How about trying it as a training for creating ideas?

What’s “Iron Beads”?

Iron beads are colored pipe-shaped beads.
After arranging the beads on the special plate, you glue them with the heat of an iron to complete the work.

Let’s make it!

Beads are arranged on the plate using tweezers.

I finished arranging the beads.
Do they look like “Mu-chan”?

The next step is gluing.
I place a parchment paper between the beads to keep them from sticking to the iron.
After gluing the front and back surfaces, sandwich them between thicker books to prevent warping.

“Mu-chan” is completed!
It can also be used as a key ring by attaching a chain.
It looks much cuter with “Ran-chan” made by my daughter.

My impressions

Even I, a clumsy person, was able to make the goods!
I really enjoyed the process of deciding on the shapes and colors.

This time, I introduced products that can easily make goods by taking advantage of the characteristics of beads.
There are many tools/components around us.
By combining their characteristics with our lives, I think you can discover something new.

Posted by YASU


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